At Springers Custom Cycles we offer several base models, which include some standard features,
as well as some customizable features, or you can completely customize your bike.



Starting at $30,000


Starting at $27,000


Starting at $26,000


Starting at $32,000


Starting at $19,000


Starting at $29,000

Custom Bike

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Custom Bike

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Custom Bike

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Or, get a Springers original Custom Bike

Motorcycle Features

All of our motorcycles are built with the parts that we feel are the best in the industry.  Examples of some of the manufactures parts used to build our motorcycles:  Kraft Tech, Paughco, Ride Wright, DNA, Rev Tech, S&S, Crazy Horse, Jaybrake, Performance Machine, BDL, Rivera, Chopper Shox.

All of our motorcycles have internal wiring and side mounted gauges for a clean look. Many builders leave off items like Speedos, blinkers and a horn to help them have a cleaner looking bike. We like our motorcycles to have those items and find a way to use them and still have the clean look!

All of our motorcycles are painted by Nub Grafix.

Springers Custom Cycles is a legal manufacture. We are listed in KBB.


Shipping.  Bikes ship for free in the lower 48 states.  New Jersey residents subject to state sales tax.

So with that being said, our bikes are show stopping, one of a kind, powerful, reliable, and with great handling.  A true show bike that you can ride!

See the Bike Models we have available:

     Zeus                                 Hera                             Ares                             Hercules                       Custom Bike

Prioritize - Visualize - Customize

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