Springers Custom Cycles - Mercury

Mercury = the messenger of the gods, will get your message there in style!

Mercury is built on a Kraft Tech rigid frame, springer front end, 200 rear tire, Indian Larry gas tank, 9" flat rear fender, round oil tank, 110" engine, 6spd trans, 3" open primary, Jaybrake controls and brakes, drag bars, internal wiring and a spring solo seat.

Some of the variations of Mercury are Forward controls, handgrips, engine and trans color (polished, black and chrome or natural), exhaust, wheel color and of course any paint scheme that you can imagine. All our motorcycles are painted by Nub Grafix. We can also powder coat any part of the bike or keep it chrome the choice is yours....

We sell Mercury at a set price, unlike many bike builders who offer a low base price for a simple motorcycle then charge for every little item. We believe in offering the customer the best right up front and giving you some say in the building of your bike at no extra cost.

See more pictures in the Photo Gallery.

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