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Welcome to Springers Custom Cycles, where we can build you a special, one-of-a-kind, customized bike. You don’t want to spend your hard earned money on a motorcycle, only to take it out and see another one just like it. At Springers Custom Cycles we have been building show stopping, old school bikes for several years. Unlike many motorcycle builders, each of our production motorcycles will be unique. You will never see two alike!

At Springers Custom Cycles we offer several base models, which include some standard features, as well as some customizable features, or you can completely customize your bike. The base models, called Zeus, Hera, Ares, Hercules, Apollo, and Mercury can be customized as far as handlebars, seats, forward controls, and of course, paint!

Check out the News about Daytona Bike Week.  At Springers Custom Cycles we are proud to have built the Official 2012 Daytona Giveaway Bike!

Remember, “The Spark of Inspiration” is to make a bike “your bike”. We are all different from each other and our bikes should be too!

Zeus          Hera          Ares          Apollo

Hercules          Custom Cycles          Mercury


Father and ruler of the gods.....
When you meet him you'll see why!

Queen of the gods
and that she is!


The god of war…..
What can we say, he is just a bad ass!

Son of Zeus...
He is long and wide, big and bad!

The god of "music", and this bike
can really hit all the notes, right on key
The Messenger

Nub Grafix custom painting     All bikes are painted by Nub Grafix     Nub Grafix custom painting




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